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                                                M A T R I A R C H A L    A R T W O R K   O F   I S S A 


That´s a rather tricky question that needs further investigation.
Anyhow that is the opinion of Dr. Heide Göttner-Abendroth who has written a
book about the issue called "The Dancing Goddess",  to which I will return later.



Before, we can take a look at Issas artwork. As he is Son of Matriarchy, he
should know.


When he began to fill up my garden with all these funny figures I was amazed
by how much some of them likened oldaged Goddess figurines like Venus von Willendorf and such.



That he didn´t find remarkable at all, though. He just stated that this is the
way his grandmother always has done it, and that´s all. Nothing to make
any fuss bout.