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                                       T  H  E     N  G  O  M  A    C  O  N  C  E  P  T 

T O   C O M E   O U T   O F   ON E S   P R I S ON
T O   F U L L   S E L F - E X P R E S S I O N 


After several years of laborative investigations about how body and mind functions in relation to the mere physical aspects of moving and breathing, not at least in relation to the gravitational forces, as well as of the psychological effects of aesthetic-emotional selfexpression, I eventually found out, that there is always an analoguous relation between the outer and the inner aspects of movements – as also is displayed in the findings of late music-psychology research:




      MOTION                               EMOTION



I found out that certain kind of repetative movements and breathing - focusing exercises, at least to some extent, might facilitate the revoking of the gravitational forces, that so heavily draw us downwards, making you float around a  bit above the surface of the earth, generating a wonderful feeling of beeing empowered to overcome just any kind of  difficulties - your energy eternal.


This has a mental analoguous connection to the idea of the hermeneutical spiral, which also is unfolding with some kind of selfgenerating energy that overruns our usual limits and tenacities in what is called "flow" and make us perform beyond our own limits and expectations.


These phenomena has puzzled scholars since long and in the last half of the 20th century given rise to the emergence of a new paradigm of holism in which art and science is coming together again as two equal but partly different ways of approching reality and accumulate knowledge. In this paradigm, its argued that the human mind is equipped with the same kind of selfgenerating and selfregulating energies that are considered to constitute the standard spiraling patterns of the organic systems in natural science in the so called "systems theories"  and as such has given many philosophers and other kinds of theorists the hope back, that the Passion of Western Mind at last has reached the treshold, on which we might be liberated from our gloomy alienation in an enchantment world, for to instead reunite with  nature and cosmos; being a constructively creative part of and challenged by love and affinity for it, enough to do our utmost for its survival.


After all; human beings are the only animals equipped with the ability to create something completely new; as for example music, or beautiful images, books and magnificiant buildings noone ever has heard of or seen before - or even complete new such societets. The next we have to build is one in which people understand how to  manage these gifts - making art, singing and dancing, or just havig a nice time being together, telling stories, laughing and having fun. Because that´s the way we are meant to mirror the beauty of nature and the cosmos - a fundamental divine law people has known of since the dawn of history.


From where does this creative energy come? 


From our inner flow of imagery.


But from where does that come?


For further information about this new paradigm see: 


Fusing Art, Life & the Cosmos

Martha Senger




"Through research and a paradigm shifting experience, I’ve developed a theory and praxis of integral aesthetics. Understood as a transmodern synthesis of the spheres of value that became separated at the time of the Enlightenment when truth (as science) was separated from beauty (as art) and goodness (as morality under the law); integral, quantum aesthetics reunites the spheres and art is superceded as an autonomous domain to become the matrix of a higher dimensional reality principle. In this ‘aesthetic phase shift,’ there’s a mutation of consciousness, matter, and global institutions; a transcendental reduction and ‘re-writing’ of history in which entropy is reduced as wholeness and complexity increase in an evolutionary return to the quintessence." 




In South Africa some tribes still uphold the so-called "Sangoma" - tradition of shamanism, described by Dr Heide Göttner Abendroth in her "The Dancing Goddess" as fundamental to the kind of spirituality practised in matriarchal societies.


Listen to the the fascinating life story of Traditional Sangoma Healer & International Dancer, Zamuxolo Mgoduka:





Thus; in order to get the adepts in my so-called  "Everybody-can-sing-choir" to  feel free from their limitations of timidity and/or heavy burdens in personal life, as well as in their daily work (in this case as psychiatric aids) and to do what they never thought they could, I have to to warm them up with exercises that loosen their muscular tensions and straighten their bodies up in the air.



Or, as is concluded in the end of the elaborate investigation of the African Ngoma-koncept:



"A close look at following; the Ngoma koncept reveals a format and setting in which highly individualistic perceptions are brought into the mirror of social reflection and subjected to reinforcement, repetition, and reaffirmation. The source of all the texts, dances, and rhythms is this individualized yet collective session in which the participant-sufferer-performer is urged to “come out of his prison” to full self-expression."


Quote from the article behind about my work:




"Gunilla Madegård uses unusual methods; singing, dancing, moving – all of it integrated into a holistic unity. This is not only choirsinging, but a way of empowering the capacity of communicating ones feelings"



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