W H Y    M O D E R N    M A T R I A R C H A L    S  T U D I E S  ?

For to pass down the wisdom and knowledge  of  our ancestral mothers,
never to be forgotten




A very good question indeed, I was asked in a discussion on Facebook today, - a challenging one which needs to be seriously refleced on, because is really patriarchy universal, as seems to be the opinion among most common peope as well as most (?) scholars today?

And in that case - WHY  - as the mammals are not?

I myself have constantly been pondering over issues like these ever since I was a little child and was able to reflect consciously whatsoverer, as for example on questions like these;


Why should men have power over women?

Why are women declassified by men because of their ability to deliver?


Why do they tell lies about women being born out of Adams rib in church?


And then, when I grew older, more questions arose all the time over issues I found very strange that nobody else seemed to reflect on as for example:

Why is it stated as a given in school, that it is better with one God instead of many?

Why do they talk about the Greek civilisation as being arisen out of nothing, just like that,


without anything worth mentioning as the primal foundation to it?

Questions which all of them at last have been given some relevant answers in the  new field of
Modern Matriarchal Studies presented on this Website / Blog

On the first question; why there are so few matriarchies on this earth, the answer must be as comprehensive and diversified, as our matriarchal historical past and present has turned out to be. But one of the answers is the same as to the question why there is so little told about the matriarchies that still do exist on this earth.

Its because of  male stream history writing  applying the same kind of simple strategy as for example used by the brutal and warlike proto-indo-europeans, by Gimbutas called  the Kurgan-people, during their many intrusions into Old Europe when first slaughtering the
inhabitans, burning their settlements and razing them to the ground, in order to build their own new kind of settlements as well as narratives thereupon, erasing every traits of an earlier civilisation, so that nothing thereof would remind of its existence.

ISIS does the same with sacral historian monuments in order to sweep everything away that reminds of earlier so called "pagan infedelity" to the Only True Belief.

Male stream historians do exactly the same; attempt  to write a history built on the covered ground of a complete different kind of civilisation of whose existence they don´t want anybody to be reminded.

My mission with this Website / blog is therefore to reclaim that history of  women which has been omitted from male stream history-writing as well as inform of as much as possible of that kind of scientifically underpinned knowledge, that nowadays is gathered under the new paradigm of Modern Matriarchal Studies and formalised into a systematically scientific framework by the science philosopher and interpret expert Dr. Heide Göttner-Abendroth.

And to put human beings back to where they belong

in the lap of Mother Nature

My aim is also to get some of Dr Heide Göttner-Abendroth´s most  important books - and of course as many as possible of them - translated into Swedish. Her work has not only been published in German and English, but also in Italian, and it will follow in French and Spanish very soon. And all over Europe where she gives lectures, the women are fascinated by this new knowledge, and more and more men also want to know about it. 


Thus, there are no reason, why people here in the so-called "most egalitarian country in the world"; Sweden, with our long and proud ecofeministic tradition passed down by the eminent journalist and writer, sufragett, feminist, pacifist, environmentalist, ecofeminist, member of the Swedish Academy and nowadays even, by Helena Forsås Scott delineated as a postmodernist nomadist in the discourse of Rosi Braidotti;  Elin Wägner; who herself distinctly visioned the matriarchal society, and therefore was routinely ridiculed and belittled, by her male colleges - why we should be less enlightended about these things, than the people in the rest of Europe.
Quite the contrary time has come to reestablish the image of Elin Wägner, as the competent and judicious scholar and philosopher of science she was, if though a self-taught such, as she since long has been portrayed as a naive ignorant due to her writings about matriarchy, not at least from her successor in the Swedish Academy Harry Martinsson et. al. She was for shure, neither naive or ignorant, but knew better than most  and evenso possessed a scientifically fine calibrated judgment far beyond the level of the members of the Swedish Academy.


Time has definitely come to commend Elin Wägner as well as her present ecofeminist followers in the field of matriarchal studies for their realistic proactive approach and rare scientific rigor. Not at least as it has become evident that their perspective is totally compatible with the new paradigm of of selforganizing system in the nature science, which among others Riane Eisler convincingly has shown.