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Has Fortified it´s Raison D`étre

- Claudia von Werlhof: Gewalt und Geschlecht
- Carola Meier-Seethaler: Die systematische Verunglimpfung der Matriarchatsforschung
- Christa Mulack: Die Matriarchatsforschung in der Diskussion. Eine Verteidigung
- Heide Göttner-Abendroth: „Verhindert sie mit allen Mitteln!“ Die Diskriminierung der modernen Matriarchatsforschug und ihre praktischen Folgen
- Charlene Spretnak: Wissenschaftspolitik und die Kampagne gegen Marija Gimbutas
- Joan Marler: Der Mythos vom ewigen Patriarchat. Eine kritische Antwort auf Cynthia Ellers: „Der Mythos von der matriarchalen Frühgeschichte“
- Kurt Derungs: Matriarchatsforschung und Diskriminierungsspirale






In this book some of the most prominent writers and scholars from the field of modern matriarchal, political, sociological, theological and archaeological studies for the first time meet on an international level to make a common report on their experiences of being discriminated by the academic establishment.


They identify the objections, with which this new kind of research of matricentric and matriarchal societies are refuted and examine them critically. Thereby it turns out very evidently that the ”arguments” from the adversaries are lacking in scientific relevance and substance.

Furthermore it´s strikingly obvious that they are not even trying to pursue an objective standard on factual basis, but quite the contrary that their aim is to silence the unwelcome intruders, with the whole battery of dictatorial tactics, wellknown here in Scandinavia as the so-called ”ruling strategies”; to diminish, to caricate, to trivialise, to impose double standards and guilt, to desinform etc etc.

Some of it is published here and translated into English »

The methods taken in use in this case, seem though to have been enhanced even into the climax of sheer hatred, cynicism and use of violence.

So no doubt that this has become no less than The Witch Hunt of Modern Times carried out by the Wholy Church of Male Stream so-called "Science". 



Je accuse.....


Did you think that modern academic cholarship was about making serious science, carried out by strict ethical and methodological rules in the search for the truth about human nature and history?


Well, forget that!


The articles in the German anthology presented above, may whatsoever  liberate you from all kinds of illusion in that sence, and make  you no less desillusioned than I have become, after having read the investigations of these two articles, the only ones from those above translated into english:


    1. Charlene Spretnak: The Anatomy of Backlash: concerning the Work of Marija Gimbutas, is published in the Journal of Archaeomythological, 2011
    2. Joan Marler; The Myth of Universal Patriarchy:
      A Critical Response to Cynthia Eller's Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory, at the homepage of Belili Production 2003





Anyone who assumes that material published under her own name will stand as an inviolable record of her positions might well consider the case of


Marija Gimbutas (1921–1994)She is a renowned Lithuanian-American archaeologist who was internationally regarded as occupying the pinnacle of her field, having left an extensive written record of her pioneering work for over half a century (scores of monographs and excavation site reports, editorships of scholarly journals, presentations at international conferences published in proceedings volumes, three hundred fifty articles, and more than twenty volumes translated into numerous languages).


Yet, particularly after her death, she was relentlessly misrepresented in the extreme, pilloried for holding positions that she repeatedly argued against, and demeaned and dismissed—beginning first with a small group of professors and spreading to such an extent that her work is no longer read, assigned, or cited in the classes of many Anglo-American professors of European archaeology. Instead, sweeping cartoon versions of her Kurgan theory and her interpretations of Neolithic symbolism replace accurate discussions. She is barely mentioned in textbooks and was not only toppled but nearly erased entirely.


Once that was accomplished, her detractors and their supporters could claim in their own books and articles—usually afterdistancing themselves from a caricature of Gimbutas’ work they termed “outdated”—that they had made a number of fresh discoveries and conclusions about Neolithic societies which are, in truth, exactly what Gimbutas had discovered, observed, and written about decades earlier.


(Ian Hodder is one of all these detractors of Gimbutas who despite the fact that he himself hasn´t read her books (which he without any sign of embaressement  openly admits), dismisses her objective judgement, and still argues for exactly the same viewpoint as she about life in Catalhöyük as egalitarian. Noone can define such a manner as a seriously "scientific" one. My comment.)

"An example is “Women and Men at Çatalhöyük” by Ian Hodder in Scientific American,1 in which Hodder incorrectly informs his readers that Marija Gimbutas “argued forcefully for an early phase of matriarchal society.”2 In this article on the excavation of Catalhöyük in Turkey, Hodder announces “fresh evidence of the relative power of the sexes” in that Neolithic settlement—as if it were a break- through discovery of his own, supposedly disproving the work of Gimbutas. Hodder declares that “the picture of women and men is complex” and that “We are not witnessing a patriarchy or matriarchy.”3 In fact, that is the exact position taken by Gimbutas: based on the roughly egalitarian graves and other material evidence, she concluded that Neolithic societies of Europe and Anatolia had “a balanced, nonpatriarchal and nonmatriarchal social system.”4


To express this balanced culture, Gimbutas expressly avoided using the term “matriarchy,” trying out several other terms. She was certainly not a so-called “matriarchalist” as she has repeatedly been accused. One might wonder if Hodder had ever read Gimbutas’ work. In fact, Hodder admitted in a subsequent interview that he had only “read her [early] work as an undergraduate a long time ago” and that he was probably influenced by “what other people have said about her and written about her and how that stuff has been used by other people.”
Read the continuation  of Spretnaks aricle here »

In  countries under threat of fundamentalist terrorists, unpaid scholars at the museums are working very hard in trying to rescue their old history, from being erased by the ISIS-fighters demolation. But here in West, it is quite the contrary the academics themselves who are doing the job of the latter, and even gratified for it by being honoured in our greatest encyclopaedias and payed saleries from the state by our taxes.


The analogy might seem extrem on behalf of the illiterate ISIS-fundamentalists, of whom one cannot expect a normal judgement ability and conscience, but anyhow the process is of the same origin and has got the same purpose; to silence all kinds of  culturual and historian memory with a female inprint, in order to establish the totalitarian state of male monolithic colonialistic, narscissist selfglorification and doublestandards by the demands of representing the only accepted Deity:  / Jehova / God / Allah / or  Moderns s.c "Science".


The evidence supporting the critique in Spretaks investigation,  is overwhelming to anybody equipped with normal logic thinking and reading abilities;The Anatomy of Backlash is the incredible story of how one of the greatest scholars beyond comparison in the 20th; Marijja Gimbutas´ revolutionary findings in the field of archaeology has been buried under tons and tons of idle lies and gossip and thereafter omitted  from all her colleges referenslists, books and contributions to the texts in the encyclopaedias, and finally totally forgotten, and never even mentioned, if not so in deregatory terms, to the new genarations of scholars.


So for them is nothing left of her huge contribution to our knowledge of our prehistoric past, but to start all over from scratch again in order to invent the wheel. If then it isn´t too late to invent anything at all.


The same kind of dictatorial strategies you furthermore recognize being in diligent use to wipe out a whole bunch of other high qualified female scholars and intellectuals from the map, writers and others and their findings and contributions to humanity from, many of them far beyond their temporary male college in prowess; their hard work and often revolutionary findings omitted in the academics and public debate.


My intention is to present them all, as time goes by, here on my homepage, to start with the Swedish ecofeminists Elisabet Hermodsson, Eva Moberg and Elin Wägner and her connection to her contemporary  Austrian ecofeminists and / or matriarchalistsin the WOWO organisation, thereafter to continue with Margaret Mead, Marijja Gimbutas, Heide Göttner Abendroth, Peggy Reeves Sanday and as many others of the representants of the new paradigm of Modern Matriarchal Studies as possible, already briefly presentated at my websitepages;  Societies of Peace 2nd World Congress and Lecturers of Western Academic Research as well as their predecessor in the 19th and early 20th century, as f ex. Bachofen,  Lewis Morgan, Engels, Frazer and Briffault.




The most pitiful role in this tragicomic drama, claiming to represent "science", is the one played by some of those who seem most eager to contribute to the witch hunt, boasting themselves of representing the s.c. feminists of the third wave, waving with the pathetical accusation that some totally harmless and innocent women interested in sprituality in the name of a female Goddess, is threatening their academic career by their sheer existence, as well as accusing them for having polluted the pure objectives of Marija Gimbutas scientific judgements with their witch craft power. Or if it was the other way around; Marijja Gimbutas who had polluted them, these highly suspect women, with her witch craft idéas, or whatever, wich is far from evident.


Thus a cotery of young ignorant, untrained and unexperienced, naive female scholars (Conkey, Tringham, Meskell, Isoll, Cynthia Eller et. al.) under the authority of some elderly and / or younger bakwards striving male chauvinist academics, among whom the british archeologist and former close friend and colaborating college of Gimbutas; Colin Renfrew may have been playing the lead, have suceeded in - beleive it or not - erasing one of the most eminent 20th archaelogists from the map of science history.



Colin Renfrew in interview »


Who can blame you for loosing confidence in science, as it´s quite obvious that this acting isn´t the result of an unconscious bias, but of the complete deliberate old wellknown ruling tactics to get rid of unwelcome competion of skilfull women, revealing their fake s.c. "science".


It´s quite remarkable, thereby, to talk in Dylans terms, how times aren´t changing at all, since the Good Old Days of the Greek Bad Guys at the Olymp took up the lead, and Pallas Athena was born out of Zeus head, and mother killing wasn´t any longer considered to be a crime.


Daddys girl Pallas Athena born out of the forehead of her father Zeus:


And on the next pages you can encounter another Pallas Athena and her followers, whose ardent willingness to assist the motherkillers  for sure has been remunerative, rewarded with a professorship and a worldwide rumour as the really bright and professional  expert on the issue of patriarchy vs matriarchy in the field of anthropology / archeology research, although her own field of research never has been anything else than the goddess movement in USA (and only God knows by which scientific method);


Brigitte Röder 

Stefanie Knauss

Elisabeth Beausang

Randi Håland