No-one can stop you from moving away.

Should you desire to leave the group, no-one can stop you. And therefore its quite common in these societies to have no word for goodbye. You just go and there is no-one who has the right to demand an explanation and they don´t indulge in that sort of sentimentality that we are indulging in in our society, the kiss the hug aso. People just go and its their right to go and you must not impede that freedom of movement. If someone is starting hassling you, you just get up and go and you don´t have to tell its because you hassle me; you just go. Its called the strategy of avoidance.

AVOIDANCE STRATEGY  is a key strategy in this societies, enabling people to remove themselves from situations that make them depressed or someone who tries to suppress or manipulate them. Or if you have had an argument, you don´t need to sort it out, you can have your argument and then you just leave and go, move elsewhere and then time will probably resolve the problems. So this is a very common way of solving conflicts. When you don´t have a field or a farm or a house to defend, then you have the possibility to move away without sacrificing any of your vital resources.


According to the fundamental requisites for achieving and maintaining an egalitarian society, identified by James Woodburn, and exemplified by the RAG- anthropologist Jerome Lewis in his lecture Egalitarian Gender Relation how they are practised by the hunter and gatherer  Batek and Mbendjele-people in the African rainforest 




1) through direct individual access to food, water and raw materials needed for tools

2) by mobility

3) by procedures that impose sharing and prevent accumulation

4) by `leveling mechanisms´such as mockery or avoidance that assert egalitarian values and reject authority.